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Dr. Amjad Selim Daas is considered one of the best and most famous dental clinics, as it includes the best and most famous doctors, and Dr. Amjad is a very skilled and participant in cosmetic dentistry where he performs the vesing system without filing the teeth with the latest methods and safe cosmetic methods in addition to the veneer procedure ( Ceramic peels - Hollywood Smile) with the latest and safest methods and techniques on the tooth structure without affecting the tooth structure and it is considered one of the finest and most beautiful modern cosmetic peels in Jordan and the world. Hollywood Smile has high strength and hardness to withstand (EMAX).

We perform dental implants using the latest and best methods, in addition to immediate implantation, following the latest techniques in jaw implants, the latest radiography of the jaw and bone density in a short period of time and without feeling any kind of pain thanks to modern technologies in agriculture and we perform orthodontic treatment in addition to transparent orthodontics, quick and shorter orthodontic and better results and results. Invisalign the fastest, newest, and gentlest dental alternative to braces.

We perform root canal treatment (pulling the nerve) with the latest and accurate devices and with complete comfort without feeling anything.

We perform the best, strongest, and most permanent cosmetic dental fillings at the level of dental clinics in Jordan, and the aesthetic value, endurance and magnificence they have in designing optical fillings, the most beautiful laser fillings.

It is considered one of the best clinics in oral and maxillofacial surgery and performing wisdom tooth extraction surgeries in the safest and fastest way.

Dr. Amjad conducts the best and latest methods of cosmetic dentistry and addresses the problems of overlaying, crowding, demolition, and poor alignment of alternative methods of orthodontics and the shortest period of time with the best results, the most aesthetic and affordable prices. The cosmetic of Dr. Amjad, the pioneer in the field of dentistry and periodontics, we treat gum problems and beautify them in proportion to the shape and length of the teeth, the facial profile, the smile of the face and the lips, treat the exposure of the gums and their clear appearance in relation to the lips using the latest, simplest, most aesthetic and effective methods (gum cutting). Threading, mesotherapy (meso), facial peeling, and the best ways to restore the freshness and vitality of the face and treat skin defects on the face, including removing traces of pimples, treating scars, pigmentations, dark and brown circles, treating sagging in the face and neck, tightening the face and removing wrinkles with the latest, most effective and safest methods. There is a clinic specialized in treating Children's teeth are among the best Dental clinics and centers in modern teeth whitening with laser bleaching techniques, zoom and the best and safest whitening in a modern op method. All these dental services are within the best results and at reasonable prices.

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