About Us

Professional Experience:
Dr. Amjad Selim Daas, Cosmetic Dentistry - Dental Implants Treatment and Surgery for Periodontal Diseases - Treatment of Endodontics Nerves - Orthodontics, Children’s Teeth
He holds a Bachelor's degree in Oral and Dental Medicine and Surgery - Damascus University 2002
Dental implants - German Society - Jordan Group for Dental Implants - Cosmetic dentistry - Cosmetic dental formulations - Ceramic veneers (Feniers) Hollywood smile (FACING) with the latest methods - Teeth whitening with the latest and most effective methods - Treatment of dental roots with the latest medical devices

Educational certificates:
Bachelor of Oral and Dental Medicine and Surgery, Damascus University, Syria


- Dental implants in the best way, by dealing with the latest international agricultural companies

- In-clinic teeth whitening (laser, zoom)

- Cosmetic dental prostheses

- Fixed and removable cosmetic prostheses

- Sealing tooth spaces using cosmetic fillings, prostheses and veneers

  -Metal and transparent braces

-Panorama 3D

-Treating the nerve in one session with the latest medical devices

-Treatment of children's teeth

-Treatment and surgery of gum disease

-Cut the gums

-Supplying gums

 Connecting teeth-

Spoken Languages:

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